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Today marks the 75th birthday of Queen Margrethe II and has the family always does, they make a special appearance on the balcony of Marselisborg Palace

Source: Kongehuset

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15 April 2014 - Queen Elizabeth II conducted investitures at Windsor. [X] (including with Angela Lansbury!!!!)

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@Champy  Excellent event today, Here’s one of my shots  x

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The Order of The Snowflake

This is the official order of The Arendelish Royal Family. Each member of the royal family is granted this order upon birth. Those who marry in are also granted this order on their wedding day.

The order features a large diamond broach with a Snowflake in the centre, and is accompanied by an ice blue sash.

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And a happy birthday to the hottest monarch worldwide: Henri Albert Gabriel Félix Marie Guillaume, Grand Duke of Luxembourg (born 16 April 1955)

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For anyone who would like to be part of The House of Ruttenberg you have till Friday to message us to be part of the Family as a blood royal, After Friday April 18th you will have to marry into the family and become a consort! 

~ Message from TRH Queen Kayla and Queen Mariana Of Ruttenberg 

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@Champy  Excellent event today, Here’s one of my shots  x

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