Je Maintiendrai
Juan Ignacio. 18. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Single. Numismatist. Philatelist. Royal Watcher. I once received a letter from Queen Máxima of the Netherlands.

This is a personal blog therefore you will find lots of stuff.

None of the pictures posted in this blog are mine unless stated otherwise.


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I can’t stop making these.

youcancallmeduchess replied to your post:.
que carajos juan ignacio?!?!

NUNCA VISTE EL PRINCIPE DE EGIPTO?!?!?! You disappoint me wifey


all i wanna do is gunshot gunshot gunshot gunshot and cash register noise and take dylan o’brien’s hair gel away from him




'When You Believe' Spanish version might not be better than Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston but it has a children choir in aramaic try to surpass that


River Lullaby, Amy Grant