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Juan Ignacio. 18. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Single. Numismatist. Philatelist. Royal Watcher. The Dutch Royal Family rips parts of my soul everyday. I once received a letter from Queen Máxima of the Netherlands.

This is a personal blog therefore you will find lots of stuff. If you want to blacklist something and it's not in my tags page, feel free to message me. I will also tag trigger warnings as long as you message me about them.

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HIRM The Emperor of Wafflonia visits the Museo del Prado, taking with him his Nikon camera and taking a few shots of the Architecture and Art in the Museum.

HIRM The Emperor of Wafflonia visits the Royal Mint of Spain (Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre) in Madrid, and inspects along with the General Director of the Mint the coinage of numismatic products. He also visits the Engraving School and the Museum of Numismatics and Philately.


i feel so impressed when someone speaks two languages so well that i can’t figure out which is their first, so impressed that i forget that this is literally what people think about me

juanita misbehavin’

Anonymous: if the hot bff anon was one of your followers who do you think it would be?

i dont have any clue tbh


the first time giving a blow job like image

baby: m... m...
mom: mama?
baby: mama...
mom: thank god it's not that meme
baby: just killed a man


never like a boy you’ll end up either hating them or hating yourself



Happy Bi Pride/Bi Visibility Day! If you’re looking for something to do to celebrate, bisexual-community has a whole bunch of resources here. Fellow bisexuals, know that we are important, our feelings are valid, and we are not alone. (And for the last time, it’s not a phase.) Have a great day!

Bi PrideDay/Bi Visibility Day officially happens every September 23rd (since 1999!) but as it gets more and more popular you will find Events For and About the Bisexual/(Non-Monosexual) + Queer-identified Community take place throughout the entire month of September

Look here to find events worldwide for Bi Visibility Day 2014: